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A High CountryTale...

Luke Cevennes, M.D. He liked the way it sounded even after a decade and a half of wearing the mantle. Jeremy Kell, PhD. That rolled over Luke's tongue with more flavor than any name in his world. The sexy Jamaican immigrant literally swept him off his feet nearly two decades before. The two fit each other. Luke and Jeremy's best friends, Jake and Calumet, likewise professional and accomplished, lagged in years by a decade but the bond between the four was as deep as the Marianas Trench. Traversing the 21st century as a new age American family, the two interracial couples complemented each other in ways the majority of people could only look upon in wishing. Hi-jinks, ribaldry, a touch of activism plus candor and humor, all souffled with a smattering of profundity, gel into a roving epic, from America to Europe to the Caribbean, on the shores of WWII Normandy, to Blue Mountain in Jamaica, up the wuthering heights of the Rockies, and down the alluvial plains of the American deep south as these self-deprecating, refined yet lusty menfolk wend their way, together, while luring the flotsam, jetsam and A-listers of Humanity along, on the sojourn that is the Tree of Life.
                                   Cal and Jake settle into the Broadhearst family for the summer, gradually drawing out the    
                                       members on both sides of the fence regarding their SSM union. Getting to know the    
                                       Broadhearst brotherhood and specifically the younger set, Roy and Loy, opens Jake's eyes as to                                                    the full range of possibilities encompassing this family bonding venture.
                                                                                                        Under the stars takes on a new meaning...
                                     Indoor plumbing. While not a scarce commodity in the old, stately, Broadhearst home, it was most                                              definitely so when enumerating the Broadhearst children. Sophie, the only female sibling of  Luke's                                              husband, Cal, has an agenda to accomplish. She asks Jake, her new brother-in-law, to further the                                               endeavour. On a day trip together, little could the two know of  the erogenous meeting one would enjoy.
                                    Simple. Luke Cevennes meets sexy newcomer chef-of-color. An alleyway. A Grace Jones medley. 
                                    And an extra pair of hands.
                                   The combination adds up to a memorable tryst neither expected, yet neither is likely to forget.
                            Calumet and Jake have been married for months, now spending the summer in Rome, Georgia,
                            reacquainting with Cal's family. Their more than eight year relationship has always been an open one,                             even though both men are supremely bonded to one another. Monogamy just isn't high on the list                                                 of reasons for their devotion.  A trip into Atlanta for a weekend of debauchery suits both just fine...                                                                                                                                                                                                read on...
                             Back up-country,Telluride is readying for the annual Hallowe'en Bash. This year being held in the                               refurbished yet-to-be unveiled old Pandora Mine, Jeremy is consumed with assembling a cutting edge                              costume dubbed the 'Mighty Tungsten Tuberosity'.  While Luke wrestles with the concept, the quiet                                mountain village is rocked by a series of vicious deaths, putting the seasonal  soiree in doubt.
                              Rome, Georgia, was proving a hot and sultry setting forJake and Cal.  On more than one level.                                             The good news was that the trepidation felt before arrival regarding their reception as a new SSM
                              couple in the deep south small town had not been near as challenging as  feared. In fact, not only
                              was the Broadhearst brotherhood opening their arms---wide---so were the neighbors.  
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