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A High Country Tale
The concurrent Sagas commence with two couples of interracial men.
Successful, secure, seductive, selective and engaged.  Hormonal and interactive,
these sexy men invite you on their journey through the tales set down here,
known as 'Tride & True' and 'Stickshift' tales. 
Follow along... and join in.
                                               An introduction to a duo of duos, 21st century jungle fever
                                               alternative lifestyle couples, wading their way through the capers
                                               and travails served up by life in style as a modern American family.
                                              Luke and Jeremy, now officially the Kell-Cevennes Family, chase the
                                              upland highways and byways to 'Tride', aka Telluride, with escape
                                              the main course on their menu, roots establishment of high import.
                                               The tale continues with newlyweds, Jake and Cal Marshall-Broadhearst.
                                               Following their honeymoon at the Jerome Suite in Aspen, Jake and Cal
                                               cross the country toward Cal's childhood home in Rome, Georgia, and the
                                               Coosa River family.
                                               Luke and Jeremy immerse themselves in Tride mentality for the autumn
                                               season, up-country. From the quaint public transportation modality and
                                               eclectic residents to the Rocky Mountain High mindset; through the
                                               liberated sign of the 'Green Cross' and infusion of Caribbean flavor in the
                                               form of the iconic Ambergai Gee, the mountain vibe exudes an undercurrent
                                              of uncommon positive progressiveness.





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