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A High Country Tale...etc...

Hi-jinks, ribaldry, a touch of activism plus candor and humor, all souffled with a smattering of profundity, gel into a roving epic, from America to Europe to the Caribbean, on the shores of WWII Normandy, to Blue Mountain in Jamaica, up the wuthering heights of the Rockies, and down the alluvial plains of the American deep south as these self-deprecating, refined yet lusty menfolk wend their way, together, while luring the flotsam, jetsam and A-listers of Humanity along, on the sojourn that is the Tree of Life.

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Jake relives his and Cal's origins back at the University of Texas in Austin, contemplating modern relationships, while the Broadhearst family history comes more into focus. Though enjoying the acquainting vacation with his new in-laws, Jake feels the need for a more substantive pastime. Donating pro bono physician duties at the Rome Free Clinic, the patient load lends new meaning to pro bono.

On a pre-dawn run, Jake floats. Absorbed, bewitched and bemused by the mind's eye reprise of the midnight hour stumble into his twin-in-law's fervidly carnal twain. Ruffled feathers rudely interrupt the reverie. Cascading events tumble him helter-skelter into an unexpected rendezvous with a double irony of climactic consequence. Cuckolding never manifested more androgynously halcyonic.

Meet W.C.Ovis. Ambergai Gee queries Luke on recent history between he and Jeremy, but awakens the sleeping story between a young, pre-celebrity Mr. Gee and a younger Jeremy Kell. Thirty years before, the two had been thrown together by chance, changing and directing more than two lives in the turnings. Luke's overactive imagination both bonds his two men with himself and makes a vicarious visit.

Voy Al, the youngest and most married of the Broadhearst Brotherhood, ruminates on the twists and quirks of Life in Rome, Georgia, counting his blessings for large and small favors. The Broadhearst Family celebrates their 'happyness', yet must needs circle proverbial wagons as Smalltown, America, contemplates its civil conscience with progressive change bearing strange fruit.


Austin and Georgia in the rearview mirror. The two duos rejoin in the highlands to the raucous party atmosphere that is Tride during Gay Ski Week. Bryce and Adolpho return from Italy, Ambergai establishes his patriarchal spot in the log lodge. The elder generation comes to grip with mortality and beyond. Family ties bind; tumultuous deeds on the tops embolden the birth of the mandrake legacy.

A brief and lighthearted treatise on the art of seduction and rescue; not necessarily in that order…

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