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It always begins with Fear stoked by Bellicosity

The Temperance Movement of the 1890's began with a small minority of holier-than-thou-ists: it finally equated to the passage of Prohibition, the 18th Amendment. It took 13 years to reverse the lunacy propagated by the far right wing then through repeal of the only Amendment ever to be de-ratified.

The Southern Question of the 1930's was dealt with poorly as the next right wing rising blocked the stoppage of public lynchings and the establishment of equal racial rights--

the method successfully kept at bay Civil Rights for three decades under the guise of --yup-- religious freedom. Sound familiar?

The faked Red Scare reared its ugly head as the right wing picked Communism as the next bogeyman secretly taking our Country away. Only the shaming of Senator Joe McCarthy and the John Birchers brought to heel this false scare tactic. FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Ford , Carter and even the sainted Reagan were branded 'card carrying Communists' by the right wing in the 1950's- 1980's..

The right wing learned from many mistakes through all of their spankings by the American Public, going deep underground and into clandestine pursuits of stacking the three branches of government by the offspring of the John Birchers-- you guessed it: the Koch Brothers. The sons of John Birch founder, Fred Koch.

They are well entrenched at this stage, having gerrymandered and Citizens-United their way to almost unstoppable control of the system, now. And, they are on the verge of taking control of the last branch-- the Executive Office-- unless Middle America wakes up and stops the despots from the political hat trick they desire. The Trifecta of Takeovers. It will be well nigh impossible to supplant the right wingers should the Presidency be won in November. All through scare tactics...

Voters have the power...if they have the will. Go to the Voting Booth on Election Day and halt this nonsense

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