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Houston: We Have Liftoff

The countdown is over! Cal Al has arrived. Today, there be a second story to immerse oneself in.

Long overdue integration has finally invaded the old South. The American Deep South. Rome, Georgia. The Coosa River.

Calumet, son of Calumet and Cassandra, has some life experiencing to do. Integration just so happens to have him in the cross hairs.

Famed Blancaneux. In the Maya Mountains traversing Belize. Where jaguars roam freely and the Caribbean Sea laps moon-drenched shores.

Right now, download a copy of 'One Clear Day'.

Engross yourself as Cal negotiates Life's labyrinthine lanes and landmines lining the pathways pulling the young stalwart-of-color in Siren call to make the world his own...

Find him here. Ready and willing to mesmerize your day, or days, pulling you into his public and private peregrinations as the molding of a real man proceeds... The exposure proves captivating and memorable.

What are you waiting for? End the torture. Click any pic... or right here:

And just watch.

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