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The Spice of Life

Sometimes we like them... sometimes we don't.... everyone has preferences. It is all in the manner in which one deals with the wide variety and range in the spices that waft over us in our life experiences.

Such is so with the Indian mix-blood boy, Jake Marshall.

Nurture is a foreign word in a young forest youth's experience. Cold disappointment and adult duplicity base his world.

Navigating the pitfalls proves masterfully innovative...

Jake knows his way is one which lay far from the place he was born.

Come on in and check out the third volume of 'The Mandrakes'. 'Call of the Loon' is Jake's haunting story and it is set down here. Grab a sample for free while time still allows.

Publication date on Smashwords is this Friday, March 17th. But you may reserve a copy now, if you act fast.

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