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Announcing: The Mandrakes.

The novel. In four volumes. Finally, publication is imminent. First, on Smashwords, March 3, 2017. The edifying tales of the four 'A High Country Tale' protagonists. Relating personal journeys toward their destinies. Together.

Synopsis: The Mandrakes, I, The Teardrop

Lucas LauCevennes. Odd boy out. Had he been born a sheep, he would have been the black one. If he had been born into money, at the age of majority, he would have become the exiled trust fund baby.

As it was, Luke fought proverbial currents, took roads less traveled, stuck to his guns, set high standards and learned from mistakes. He was a survivor. Oh, and he knew he was gay. From the ripe age of four, though no comprehension existed for the concept then.

Born into the sinful state of Man, as constantly reminded by the evangelism enveloping him, a young boy learns of the difficulties involved in growing up different. He pictured himself as ‘bent’.

Through tribulative trial and error--- emphasis on error--- Luke finds that standing tall, in confidence of his own abilities, can be gauged differently by different people. It was all in the perspective.

And bent looked pretty attractive to him…

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