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A Tempest in a Teapot

We have been marked. And besmirched. By The Facebook po-po.

Apparently, a threshold was surpassed by my imagery of Mr. Jake Marshall. Caught in a compromising position, he exudes the ecstasy felt but not shown... just the vibe of his sensory overload proved enough to send the censor police scurrying for their 'censory' apparatus... and he was expunged. So, here is a benign photo of a fourteen-year-old Calumet Broadhearst, who introduces his history to the world in the second story of 'coming of age' of the High Country boys...

Visit my web page to see the banned photo. To the left, here, view a more collected Jake. Dressed. Ahem. And, the response to the oppressive powers that be... well, that be best expressed through the image right here:


In the meantime, don't forget to click on any picture here for transport to the world of 'The Mandrakes". Luke, Cal, Jake and Jeremy are anxiously awaiting your arrival into their storybook tales of commencement.

Tomorrow, March 10th, is Cal's debut. Be there!

Reserve your free copy of volume II: 'One Clear Day', while you still can. The action is hot , the characters engaging and the jungle fever is fervid... frenetic... and free-spirited!

Clothing is optional... just don't tell Facebook Police... ZJ

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