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Countdown for Cal

Boadhearst, that is. The wait is over. Watch for this Friday's release of the second volume of 'The Mandrakes".

'One Clear Day' stands ready for pre-order, so take advantage of the coupon offer and reserve yours now. Click the link below or an image and unlock the code allowing for a short time of free downloads.

Cal's stunning self was at one time only a ten-year-old country boy of little acclaim. But miles of potential. The Broadhearst brotherhood arose with this eldest. And a better model could not have been wrought for the role. Join Calumet Alfrederic as he molds into the over-achieving man-of-color as met before, though in maturity, through the stories of the High Country boys. From 'A High Country Tale'.

Hurry, now, and read the whole story on its debut date: March 10th... this Friday.

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