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Welcome to the Age of Twitler

Regardless of how the schist was pulled off--- misguided evangelists, dissatisfaction with the status quo, the Russians or a big fat combo of aligning stars--- the fact, a verifiable one, remains that the Being does now occupy the Oval. Distasteful, an embarrassment, improbable. These terms describe the reality in which we and the world now find ourselves.

Now is the time ordained by the Founders: that threat which They most feared. Wisdom of the Constitution, codified and ratified as defense against just such assault, was written down as the thwarting mechanism.

It is an attack by nefarious entities for whom absolute power is the sole aphrodisiac capable of satisfying. They have succeeded in a decades-old plan, set up by now-jailed conspirators, yet those insidious interlopers knew that though they may have to sacrifice themselves, the work and plans set into motion would not be negated or arrested. And, they weren't


Now, we pay the piper.

During this lull in the storm presently building, we should be fortifying ourselves, our loved-ones, our rights and our earthly possessions, because the people of this revolution will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve their dastardly aims. Domination.

Laugh, if you are able, but pay close attention to the signs: the times are a-changin', as the lyric goes, and we all are set to pay a steep price for the letting down of our guard... may that America and Humanity be of sufficient fortitude to weather the maelstrom heading toward us.

Have an escape route available, everyone. When the time comes, looking for help outside of our own spheres and selves will most probably have been blocked by The Man's Henchmen. George Orwell wrote his iconic novel--- 1984--- decades ago, yet his prescience proves astounding. Read it and weep.

Beware, America. Beware World. Twitler is not nearly smart enough to orchestrate this: it is the nebulous entities behind him for whom we should feel fear.

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