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Life Parallels Fantasy: My Jungle Fever liaison, a long-lasting affair

Hightailing it for the heights last summer after the Supreme Court Obergefell decision provided our venue. Having finished the re-vamping of the haven over 12000 feet, we tied the knot quietly in San Miguel County Courthouse, then spent the time through the autumnal equinox bonding in tranquility.

My series took shape during that time when there existed no bells and whistles, no deadlines, no administrative hassles; nothing but angst-less camaraderie. Friends came and went, dropped by and existed with us periodically. Time slowed and the seclusion proved therapeutic. The time was, indeed, elevated... on multiple levels. Pun intended.

Now, almost a year out, the current plan will take us back for the summer. New and old friends, neighbors and acquaintances will grace our hideaway. A first anniversary is planned, though twenty years of official illegitimacy will have actually transpired. Should the need arise, the boys of the series may be perpetuated; maybe not. Time and interest will tell.

Technology exists at that height, so keep in touch. We will. Barring bear burglaries...

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