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The Elephant in the Damn Room!

Hasn't anyone hearkened on the painfully obvious? Must we continue the pseudo-debate around the newest in the decades-long list of manufactured Clinton 'Scandals'?

1) While the manner used by the Democratic Presidential nominee-to-be has been hashed and the re-hashed...

2) And, by the Lady's own admission -albeit reluctant- she made a mistake and learned from it...

3) And, we do suffer a groundswell of divisive issues which America airs, like dirty laundry, for the whole world to see and use for fodder in ruminating the 'demise' of the Bastion of Freedom...

In reality, one side charges Mrs. Clinton with putting the Country at risk by using a private server for her damnable State Department Emails. The other claims the whole subject is but one more mountain-out-of-a-molehill exaggeration and fabrication.

Why have the erstwhile pundits not commented on the Elephant in the room?

Does not the fact remain that her email server, while maybe not the most secure, was never hacked? The State Department's own 'secure' servers WERE hacked--- three times--- during her tenure.

Just who actually put the Nation's secrets at risk, anyway?

Just askin'...

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