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White Turd in a Golden Cage

January 2oth is coming fast.

The date marks the momentous changes about to roil the American psyche and the world's balance.

The oncoming Republican/Conservative juggernaut shall soon give us a taste of one-party rule. They have no more excuses on which to fall back upon now that the legitimization of their agenda has been procured.

Say goodbye to classy sophistication, eloquent elocution, reasoned response and the moral high ground. Welcome to gauche manners, crass characterizations, lack of reason and bully tactics.

Sick of the entire charade? Pick up a good book and begin deep conversations with good friends. For the former, delve the world of the high country boys as they wow the senses with sizzling hi-jinks and worthy stories of their travels and travails... then discuss them with those good friends.

Clothes always optional...

A High Country Tale. Invest in the adventure. Zack Jack invites you.

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